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The SCU Pocket Banking app gives you access to great features to do your everyday banking from your mobile device. Please see below frequently asked questions.


What mobile devices are supported?

We support the following smartphones:




Smartphone OS

iOS 9.0 and higher

KitKat 4.4 and higher


What features are available in the SCU Pocket Banking app?

With SCU Mobile Banking App you can:

  • Login easily – sign in using passcode or opt to sign in using your Biometric Login
  • Quick balance option to view balance without signing into the app
  • View your account balances and Transaction history
  • Transfer funds between SCU linked accounts
  • Schedule recurring and future dated payments
  • Utilise Pay Someone functionality (both DE & BPAY® payments)
  • Change your card PIN or Passcode for Login
  • Report lost/stolen cards
  • Block a card temporarily
  • Notify us of your overseas travel plans so we can monitor your account for suspicious transactions
  • Locate your nearest branch or rediATM

What features are not (yet) available / supported in the SCU Pocket Banking app?

Currently there are some features missing from the SCU Pocket Banking app but we are working on adding them in future releases / upgrades:

  • Pending transactions (however you can currently check pending transactions by using Mobile Banking)
  • Increase of daily limits
  • Two to sign accounts are not supported (for this type of accounts, please use Mobile Banking)

How do I get the SCU Pocket Banking app?

You can download the app from Google Play or from the Apple App Store. We recommend that you update your app regularly to enjoy the latest features and benefits.


Do I need to register the app?

You will need to be registered for Internet Banking before being able to use the SCU Pocket Banking app.

If you have not registered for Internet Banking, please fill out this form or contact SCU on 13 61 91.

After installing the app, you will need to register the app using your member number and Internet Banking password. You will also need to input the Mobile number of your device. If your device doesn’t have a number, don’t worry, and just enter your preferred contact number.

In the next screen you will then be asked to create a passcode. Your passcode must be between 4 and 6 digits long. We strongly recommend that you choose a passcode that is different to your PIN.


Is my passcode the same as my card PIN?

Your passcode is not the same as you PIN, your passcode is chosen by you when you register with the Mobile Banking app. Your card PIN is the PIN for your card. Like your PIN, you should keep this passcode confidential.


What is the difference between SCU Pocket Banking app and Internet Banking?

Mobile Banking App provides you with access to the most popular Internet Banking features. However, for services such as accessing your online statement, you will still need to access Internet Banking.


Is SCU Pocket Banking App free?

Yes. Accessing Mobile Banking is free. However, standard mobile phone contract and mobile service charges will apply.


Is Mobile Banking App secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encryption which is the same security and authentication as Internet Banking. 


How do I change my card's PIN via the SCU Pocket Baking app?

You can change your PIN using the app by selecting the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Accounts’ screen, and then selecting ‘Change PIN’. You will need to enter your current PIN, enter a new PIN, confirm this new PIN and then select ‘Update’. The change of PIN is effective immediately.


Can I change my card’s PIN via the SCU Pocket Banking app if I don’t know my current PIN?

No, in order to change your card’s PIN via the Mobile Banking app you need to know your current PIN. If you don’t know your PIN contact us on 13 61 91.


Does the app require an internet connection to work?

The app will need an internet connection in order to: register, retrieve your account balances, transaction details, complete payments and perform card functions.


How do I report a card lost or stolen via the SCU Pocket Banking app?

You can report a card lost or stolen by selecting the ‘Cards’ option from the ‘Home’ screen, and then selecting ‘Report Lost or Stolen Card’. You will then need to confirm whether the card is Lost or Stolen and finally select ‘OK’ to confirm the action. This will cause all transactions attempted on the card to be declined, including any recurring payments, balance updates and transfers performed via the Mobile Banking app.


What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you believe your mobile phone may have stored personal data, please contact us immediately.


Can I access Mobile Banking when overseas?

Yes. Mobile roaming charges may apply. Contact your mobile service provider before accessing Mobile Banking from outside Australia.


Which accounts are available in the app?

The app is registered with your member number. You are able to see and operate accounts under your member number as well as accounts where you have full access and Authority to Operate (ATO). To request ATO for accounts you are not currently able to see in the app, please contact us.


Can I access my account using the Mobile Banking App if my account requires 2 to sign?

No. Mobile Banking does not support the functionality to enable 2 to sign access. These accounts can only be accessed via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.


How do I transfer to other accounts using the SCU Pocket Banking App?

To transfer to your account or another financial institution within Australia select the ‘Transfer’ or ‘Pay Someone’ option. You can select your accounts, existing personal payees or pay a new recipient. If you’re paying a bill using a BPAY biller code and reference number, select the ‘BPAY’ option. You can select existing personal payees or pay a new biller.


How do I add or modify existing payee or biller details?

To delete or make changes to an existing payee or biller you will need to log into Internet Banking.


How do I setup a future dated (scheduled) payment?

1. Login to your SCU Mobile Banking App.

2. Navigate to the account you would like to setup the scheduled payment from

3. Enter the payment details (amount and recipient) and select the Pay later button

4. Tap One future payment

5. Choose the date of the scheduled payment on the calandar and click Ok

6. Confirm the detail of the scheduled payment is correct 

7. Click Ok to set the payment up


How do I setup a recurring payment?

1. Login to your SCU Mobile Banking App.

2. Navigate to the account you would like to setup the recurring payment from.

3. Enter the payment details (amount and recipient) and select the Pay later button

4. Tap Recurring payments

5. Choose your payment frequency

6. Set the start date

7. Choose one of the following termination options:

a. Pay indefinitely

b. Set End Date

c. Enter a number of payments to be made

8. Confirm the details of the recurring payments are correct.

9. Click Ok to set the payments up


How do I change a future dated (scheduled) or recurring payment?

You can change your recurring or future dated (scheduled) payments at any time from the Transactions page by clicking on the arrow next to the text ‘See scheduled payments’.
You will see a listing of all the scheduled and recurring payments you have set up, and by clicking on the pencil icon next to a payment, you can edit any of the payment details.


How do I delete a future dated (scheduled) or recurring payment?

You can change your scheduled or recurring payments at any time from the Transactions page by clicking on the arrow next to the text ‘See scheduled payments’.
You will see a listing of all your scheduled and recurring payments and by clicking on the ‘x’ icon next to a payment, you can delete that particular payment or series of payments.


What does the processing screen mean?

The processing screen will display after you make a selection in the Mobile Banking app. While this screen is displayed, your request is loading in the background.


Are there payment limits for transfers made via the SCU Pocket Banking app?

The same limits that are in operation for Internet Banking apply to transfers made with the Mobile Banking App.


What happens if I enter my passcode incorrectly?

You will have 5 attempts to enter the correct passcode when accessing the SCU Pocket Banking App. After 5 unsuccessful attempts your app will then get de-registered. You are then taken to the ‘Get Started’ screen to register. Alternatively, you can contact us on 13 61 91 and we can reset your passcode.


Can I register the SCU Pocket Banking App on more than 1 device?

Yes, you can only register the app on 4 devices at a time. If you try to register on a 5th device, it will deregister you automatically from the first device.


How do I reorder my accounts?

From the app, select:Menu > Account Views and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select an account to reorder

Step 2: Use the arrows to move the account up or down


How do I Show / Hide my accounts?

From the app, select:Menu > Account Views and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select an account to show or hide

Step 2: Click on the Tick or the cross to enable view or disable view respectively


Can I access the app if my device is rooted?

Our SCU Pocket Banking app is available on a wide range of Android smartphones and iPhones. While we support many devices, experiences and performances may vary. Certain features like Change PIN are not available on jailbroken or rooted devices.

Remember to keep your SCU Pocket Banking app up to date to access the full range of features and the latest enhancements, including stability improvements.


What's a Biometric Login?

A biometric login is a verification process by which a person can be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits. Unique identifiers currently in use on smart phones include fingerprint and face recognition.


How do I setup Biometric Login?

For a new user:

On the login screen after the app launches:

Enter your Member Number, Internet Banking password and Phone Number. In the following registration pages it will prompt you on whether you want to setup your biometric login. If you confirm this, your biometric will be registered the next time you sign in.

For an existing app user:

Enter your passcode, and when logged into the app, tap: Menu > Biometric login, and follow the prompts.

Biometric login will be registered for the next sign in. It is highly recommended that only your Biometrics be stored on the phone and ensure that the phone has lock screen enabled.


If I block/lock my card in Card Controls, what transactions will be blocked?

All these transactions will be blocked:

Point of Sale transactions

All Visa transactions

Any Direct Debits linked to a card

Note: transactions that come from a bank account linked to a card will not be blocked


Will any scheduled payments still be processed if I place a block on a Card?

Scheduled payments that are set from your bank account will be processed however direct debits that have been set up against your card will be blocked.


Does the Block and Unblock happen immediately?

Yes, the card is locked within seconds.


If I place a Block on my card and then can't find my card what should I do?

Use the Lost or Stolen function in the app to stop the card and contact us for a replacement.


How long before I can use my card again after unblocking it?

Once you remove a block on your card you can use it immediately.


When is it a good time to block my card?

Whenever you have misplaced your card but expect you may still recover it; or have concerns about the security of your card, e.g. travelling overseas.


I have a SMS One Time Password setup on my Internet Banking, will that affect access to the new App?

The Mobile Banking app does not require a SMS One Time Password to access the app. If you have a SMS One Time Password setup on your Internet Banking that’s perfectly fine. You can still access the Mobile Banking app without having to disclose the SMS One Time Password.


How do I access the deregister function?

From the app, select: Menu > Deregister Device and follow the prompts.


I have accidentally deregistered the wrong device, how can I reregister it?

If the Application no longer exists on the deregistered device, you will need to download and install the latest version of the SCU Pocket Banking App from either Google Play or App Store onto the deregistered device.

If the application does exist or you have reinstalled the application on your device, you will need to open up the application and re-register the device using your Internet Banking login details.